Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lansdowne Hotel, Chippendale

Cnr City Road & Broadway, Chippendale
Sydney Reviewers present: Gig Bot and Band Blogs
Review time: Thursday night gig

"Neon Castle hosts a Sexy Party"

A neon castle stands like a beacon in the night, highlighting the way for students, gig-goers, a declining bar fly population, and those looking for an easy-going and inexpensive night out. The Lansdown Hotel....

Burger Bot and Blogs checked out the Lansdowne on a Thursday night for a free gig by Sydney-sider outfit Strangers with support from Melbourne's King Of The North. Stepping into the pub we found a fairly relaxed crowd grabbing beers amongst friends and shooting 8-ball.

It's not a bad little set up with the bar, couches, tables and stage for live music, although we would have liked to have seen the high tables and stools moved from the front stage area when the bands started to give the stage audience some room.

Burger Bot says of the beer tap selection, "it's normal with a bonus..... and the bonus is not the Bundy Cola on tap". This translates to Boags Draught, VB, XXXX Gold, New, Old, Extra Dry, Heinekin, Superdry, Premium Light, Coopers Pale, as well as James Squire Golden Ale, Pale Ale and Crush cider, Kosciuszko Pale Ale and Bundy Cola & Draught. There was no Carlton Draught tonight but for price-point comparison, the VB was $5.30 a schooner. The Kosciuszko ("Ka-shoosh-co") was $5.80.

When the band kicks in head on down the front for the Sexy Party (randomly out of place looking skill tester).

Side note: tonight's free show opened with an awesome performance from Melbourne rock duo King Of The North. We hope to see them back in Sydney again. Check 'em out.

Off to the sides of the stage is where you'll find the Lansdowne facilities, with loads of "character".

Second band on the bill tonight this night was Strangers, all the way from Sydney. They pulled a decent crowd for the Lansdown front bar, which added to the atmosphere, proving the credibility of the live music venue.

To be honest, however, while Strangers sounded fine and had the punters singing and bopping along, we decided to skip "the Noiseworks of our generation" and check out the scene upstairs. 

Upstairs you'll find plenty of seating and an upstiars bar, with the front room providing a view over the City Road and Broadway intersection below. There's ample seating for the bistro, although we didn't sample any of the food on this visit. 

Well worn couches provide more seating for those escaping Noiseworks downstairs. The size of the space up here was a bit of a nice surprise for us actually.

We'd also heard rumours of the upstairs beer garden area and were happy to find it out back, level 1, with a full crowd diggin' the space. We would have grabbed a seat if we could find one.

Heading back downstairs to listen in on the final chords of Strangers, we grabbed ourselves another delicious beer at reasonable price.

The pinball and Buck Hunter HD up back offers some nice entertainment too.

All in all, it was a positive experience at the Lansdown and with all these features (beers, reasonable prices, bistro upstairs with beer garden, live music, pool tables and other amusements) we'll be sure to be heading back. Might even jack it up to a 3 rating if we head back and experience the upstairs components. Check it out if you haven't done so already!

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